• Graduate of Fordham University
  • Hungarian Mensa Guy
  • Own My Own Media Companies




    • Gray Tabby Cat, Keyboard Walker, Ben's House, Since 2021
    • Chair, Arizona Cats Against Dogs (ACAD) Since 2019
    • Arizona Humane Society, Resident Gray Tabby Cat 2021-2021
    • Teaching Assistant: Department of Tummy Studies, Arizona State University, Since 2019


    • CERTIFICATE: Certificate of Advanced Tummy Studies (CATS), Arizona State University, 2019.


    • BOOK: Unsafe at Any Speed: Why Dogs Shouldn't Be Allowed to Run Around Outside. Basic Books, 2021.
    • ARTICLE: 'All That is Solid Melts Into Air': An Ontological Approach to Cats in Haruki Murakami's Fiction, Jacobin Magazine, Issue 27, May 2020.
    • LETTER: "Tom Hooper's Film Cats is an Underappreciated Masterpiece," the New Yorker, January 2020.